We start and finish at your hotel
It's better to start at 9 or 10 am.
Duration is about 3 hours
Price per person
1 person - 80$
2 persons - 65$
3+ persons - 60$
Tbilisi is a very diverse city and, visiting different districts, there is a feeling that you get into another world with its own way of life, wonderful views, architecture and lifestyle. Old Sololaki is a bit shabby, Vera - beckons with quiet multi-level streets, and in modern Saburtalo fashionable new buildings are mixed with buildings of the Soviet era, which are built in different directions, like Lego. And, of course, we will take a ride through the quiet old streets, we will stop at the viewports, see green areas, parks and squares.

This circular route makes you feel the spirit of true Tbilisi and see the way of life of its residents, the city is so different that, having spent literally 2-3 hours, you can see it with your own eyes.

To see everything that will happen during the tour on foot, it will take exactly at least several days, and the car will not pass where the bike can, and that is why the tour on e-bikes saves not only your time, but also your strength.

This ride is suitable for everybody regardless of age, physical condition or fitness level. There are two variations of the route - 17 km and 30 km. If desired, this distance can be reduced or increased.


Helps peddaling
An electric bike will help you save energy and see more attractions than on foot.
No sitting in traffic
No traffic jams: the route passes through cozy streets with low traffic.
Authentic Tbilisi
5 districts, different architecture - from royal to Soviet.


1 person - 80$
2 persons - 65$
3+ persons - 60$

Rent of electric bike and helmet
You will ride on top-end mountain electric bicycles.
Guide services
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide.
Delivery of equipment to the hotel
Equipment will be delivered to your hotel, where the tour begins. The tour ends at your own hotel.
We laid this route along the most quiet and with little traffic streets
What to wear
Dress in comfortable sportswear. It is advisable to choose shoes with a flat sole to make it easier to pedal.
What to take with you
If you know that during this time you can get hungry, take a bar of muesli or chocolate, as well as a bottle of water.
We start and finish at your hotel. The route is circular.
Come and enjoy beautiful Tbilisi and e-bike!
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