Svaneti, previously one of the most closed regions of Georgia, is the kingdom of holy family towers and huge mountains. Fairytale nature and breathtaking views of the most famous peaks of the Caucasian ridge: Shkhara, Ushba, Tetnuldi.

Svaneti is such a distant region that to go there for less than three days, in our opinion, is not right, and hard. One way road takes 450 km, or 8 hours (last 120 kilometers go via mountain serpentine with stunning views of mountain rivers, waterfalls and rocks).

Mestia is a fabulous place, and it very much reflects the real Georgia: a village in the ring of huge mountains, ancient towers, ancient houses and settlements. The best place in Georgia for trekking and mountain biking. From all over the world people come here to see this real untouched nature.


Crazy views and memorable riding
Svaneti is located in a ring of huge peaks, known throughout the world. The village offers views of Shkhara, Tetnuldi, Ushba, Banguriani and others.
Authenticity of life and untouched nature
Old villages, ancient trails, forests, waterfalls, glaciers. The atmosphere of one of the oldest Georgian civilizations evokes a sense of affection.
Old towers and special food
The place is filled with tribal towers (each family had several towers) and special food that is made only in this region of Georgia.


Day 0
Driving from Tbilisi to Mestia
Day 1
Riding the following route: Hatsvali - Tswirmi - Hatsvali - Mestia
Day 2
Riding the following route: Tetnuldi - Iprali
Day 3
Ascent to the lakes of Koruldi, descent to Mestia. In the evening after riding - a walk to the Chalaadi glacier. Driving from Mestia to Tbilisi
Anton Rumyantsev
Professional MTB rider, guide
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide — a Russian downhill champion (amateur category), silver winner of the 24-hour Austrian Downhill race, bronze winner of the first stage of the Russian Downhill Cup, a multiple participant and winner of international downhill and enduro competitions.

480$ / person - 3 persons in the group
580$ / person - 2 persons in the group
870$ / person - 1 person in the group

Rent of electric bike and helmet
3 days of e-bikes riding.
Guide services
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide.
Daily transfer
Transfer from/to Tbilisi, everyday shuttle till the trail and meeting after some routes is included.
3 nights stay at Mestia's hotel, breakfast is included.
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