True Mountains
Dive into real mountain trails.
Bike riding at the heights between 1500 - 3000 m.
Views of the most stunning peaks of the Greater Caucasus range: Kazbegi, Ushba, Tetnuldi.
4 Regions of Georgia
Surrounding Area of Tbilisi
Kazbegi National Park
Borjomi National Park
The region of Svanetia
Experienced Guide
The program is compiled by a person who will not only tell you where to go, but also explain how to go safely
Tours Dates

TBC in 2021
Tour Concept
Getting to know Georgia through bike riding. During the week, we will travel almost all of Georgia, see the differences between one region and another, try local food, wine and ride in the most amazing places of this small but proud country.

We can't imagine bike riding without a good mood, we will create it with flow trails and a gradual increase in the complexity of the places visited. We'll go from simple to complex - both with the level of trails, and with locations. There will be no races and competitions: maximum enjoyment and safe adventures in a good company. During the tour, Anton will be happy to share his experience and skills with everyone and, of course, show the maximum number of tracks from his Georgian collection.
Who This Tour Is For
This tour is quite versatile: the maximum lifts by car and there is always variation in the complexity of the trails. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced. But in any case, you will have to share with us the story of where you have already ridden to assess your level.

*While preparing this program, we used the photos from our e-bike tours, where we rode all the route on our own. Don't be surprised!
**Data on ascent and descent may differ.


*Minor changes are possible in the program.
Day 1. Arrival. Lisi Lake.
After arrival and transfer from the airport to the hotel, there will be time to collect bicycles and go on a warm-up trail ride to lake Lisi.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the starting point: the lake is almost within the city limits. Next, we need to ascent 200 meters, where from a height of about 1000 m will begin a species trail along the ridge, descending to lake Lisi. The trail is simple, in the style of all-mountain, which is what you need to get into the rhythm of the tour. We go straight down to the city, with a small sightseeing tour on the way to the hotel.

Difficulty: 2/5
Total ascent: 200 m
Total descent: 550 m

We spend the night in Tbilisi.
Day 2. Kojori.
Riding in the Tbilisi area. Several runs to the village of Kojori (1400 m) and descent to the city by local trails.

The start of the second day is scheduled for 10am. In the morning we drive from the hotel about 30-40 minutes. The goal is to climb from the city to the ridge to the village of Kojori, from where starts a grid of trails of different complexity, descending to Tbilisi. We will take a short trail through the gorge and then two full-fledged descents to the city, each about 13 km. The trails are very cool: there are both interesting places and tricky switchbacks. Everyone will find something for themselves. The final descent will be made directly to the old city.

After a short rest and dinner, transfer to Kazbegi region to Gudauri ski resort. The journey will take about 2 hours.

Difficulty: 3/5
Total ascent: 300 m
Total descent: 2000 m

We spend the night in Gudauri.
Day 3. Gudauri and Kazbegi.
Today it is planned to ride a DH route at the Gudauri resort with lifts on the cable car. Trail from Gergeti Church (one of the most popular tourist spots in Georgia at the foot of Kazbegi mountain 5033 m). And the descent to the gorge of Khada.

After breakfast the start of the third day is scheduled for 10am (the opening time of the cable car). We will make several descents along the only DH-prepared track in Georgia, built by a Slovak company about 5 years ago. Then a short rest during the transfer to the foot of Kazbegi mountain to the trail from Gergeti Church. A very funny descent - to scare away tourists. Next, we move back, take on the cable car near Truso gorge and get to 2900 m, then make a mind-blowing run with a descent of about 1600 m to Khada gorge, where 50/50 earthy track/trail. After joyous hugs and words of gratitude will go to Hofbrauhaus for khinkali and drive to Borjomi. Travel time is about 3-4 hours.

Difficulty: 4/5
Total ascent: 100 m
Total descent: 2700 m

We spend the night in Borjomi.
Day 4. Borjomi.
On the 4th day, we plan to go to the Bakuriani ski resort, where we will go from the village of Borjomi after breakfast and a short sightseeing tour. The transfer will take about 30 minutes.

Bakuriani is an old ski resort located at an altitude of about 1700 m above sea level on the Northern slope of Trialeti range and surrounded by coniferous forests. Somewhere from 2000 m begins the Alpine zone without vegetation, a very beautiful and cozy place. Very popular with locals for summer holidays with family and children.

We will ride on two prepared tracks-trails built by a Slovak company as part of the development of mountain bike infrastructure in Georgia. We use a cable car to lift.

After bike riding, we have a dinner in Borjomi and go to one of the farthest corners of Georgia - Svanetia.

*There may be changes on this day - it will depend on the operation of the resort. If the lift does not work, we will go to the epic in Borjomi, Lomismta mountain (2198 m).

Difficulty: 3/5
Total ascent: depends
Total descent: 1500-2000 m

We spend the night in Guli.
Day 5. Svanetia.
Plan for the 5th day: Guli pass with a height of 2800 m and descent to Mestia, the center of the Svaneti region.

We wake up and have a hearty breakfast at the foot of Ushba, then uphill to Guli pass (2800 m, about 800 m by foot). On the way we will visit the high-mountain lakes of Coruldi (2750 m), from where we descent about 1300 m to Mestia.

In ancient times, it was one of the most difficult to access and closed regions of Georgia. The Soviet authorities did not even get here. The region was governed by family councils (surnames), although now it is almost the same. If you look at the map, Mestia is only 30 kilometers from Terskol (Elbrus), but only through the mountains. During the Soviet era, a tourist route connecting Georgia and Russia was open. Unfortunately, it is now closed.
If everything goes smoothly and quickly and, most importantly, there will be strength, in the evening we will organize a hiking trip to Chalaadi glacier for those who want to.

Difficulty: 3/5
Total ascent: 800 m
Total descent: 1500 m

We spend the night in Mestia.
Day 6. Svanetia.
On the final day it is planned to ride using Hatsvali cable car lift. Trail on the back of Zuruldi ridge to the village of Zwirmi and even lower and trail from Zuruldi to Mestia.

When we wake up and have breakfast and, after a cup of specialty coffee, surrounded by ancient towers, we go to Hatsvali cable car lift, which is located directly in the village. The start of both trails is almost in the cable car zone. The difficulty is average, there is a bit of an all-mountain part.

After riding - packing and final dinner. The transfer to Tbilisi will take about 6-8 hours.

Difficulty: 4/5
Total ascent: 200 m
Total descent: 2000 m

We spend the night in Tbilisi.
Day 7. Day of departure.
Relaxing tourist day. If there is time before the plane, you can visit the classic attractions of Tbilisi or, having agreed in advance, we go for a ride.

We will share emotions, photos and wishes for the future tours.

Transfer to Tbilisi airport.
Anton Rumyantsev
Guide and organiser
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide — a Russian downhill champion (amateur category), silver winner of the 24-hour Austrian Downhill race, bronze winner of the first stage of the Russian Downhill Cup, a multiple participant and winner of international downhill and enduro competitions.
    8 nights / 7 days
    3 regions
    (Kazbegi, Khevsureti, Tusheti)

    The mountainous part of Georgia is perfect for trekking and mountain biking, which is confirmed by numerous tourists who come here for high-altitude tracking. Absolutely crazy nature and trails trampled by thousands of people will not leave anyone indifferent. It will be a real adventure, difficult physically and not always easy technically. There are almost no roads where we will be - only nature and real untouched mountains.

    There is no visa requirement for passport holders from the USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, member countries of EU, Russia, GCC countries, CIS countries (except of Turkmenistan). The entrance to the country is allowed with an international passport that is valid until the end of your stay. Foreign citizens are not allowed to enter Georgia through Abkhazia and the South Osetia regions.

    Georgian lari indicated as GEL. There are no problems with paying by cards.
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