3 regions of Georgia
Kazbegi - Truso gorge
Tbilisi - Kojori fortress
Borjomi - National park
From simple to difficult
The program is designed in such a way that complexity increases gradually, and we will help improve your skill
By electric mountain bike
We look at places accessible only on foot, spending significantly less time and effort
An ideal 3-day tour for exploring Georgia and an electric bike. Three locations: Kazbegi, Tbilisi, Borjomi. Three regions: completely different nature, species, atmosphere and trails. After this program you will feel that at least a week has passed - so interesting and eventful.


The program is designed in such a way that complexity increases gradually. This makes it possible to master all the necessary basic skills of riding a bike and minimize the possibility of falls and injuries. The locations are selected universal and in different places of Georgia - emotions are enough for 100%. For stronger groups there is an opportunity to increase the length and complexity of the route.
Day 1
The first day begins with the Truso Gorge in the Kazbegi region, where we will get in about 2-3 hours, starting at 9:00 from Tbilisi.

After a short briefing the warm-up part of the path goes along a fairly flat road to the entrance of the gorge. Further, small differences in height will begin, but on an electric bike you are unlikely to notice them. The ultimate goal of our route is the military post and Zakagori fortress. Along the way, we will definitely see abandoned villages and sources of narzan, as well as a small "carbonated" pond, where, according to the legend, they cannot determine the depth, it is so deep. We finish the tour at the start point in the parking area next to the Kobi-Gudauri cable car. If there is time and desire, we will have a meal in the famous Hotel Rooms and we will be in Tbilisi around 20:00.

Distance: 30 km
Ascent: 800 m
Day 2
The start of the second day is scheduled at 10:00. In the morning we drive from the hotel in Tbilisi about 30 minutes to the start point. The goal is to uphill from the city to the foot of the ridge. It goes through Turtle Lake and Mount Mtatsminda to the village of Kojori, beyond which lies our final goal - the fortress of Kojori (Korogli). The program is the following: on our own we gain about 700 m in height - we uphill to the Uzo Monastery, which offers panoramic views of Tbilisi and the surrounding area.

Next we go to the fortress. For those who wish, there is an opportunity to do a little climbing. After photographing and having a snack, we will have a long descent to Tbilisi along the trails and fields. Finish near the car around 16:00.

Distance: 34 km
Ascent: 800 m
Descent: 850 m
Day 3
This day is worth a hearty breakfast: there will be a real epic journey. We start from the hotel not later than 8:00. Next a 2-hour transfer to the administration of the Borjomi National Park, where we will register to enter the route. After the registration we drive to the village of Likani (10 minutes), leave the car there and start riding an e-bike towards Lomismta mountain, 2198 m high.

Usually the climb to the shelter, where tourists stay, takes about 2–3 hours and another 1 hour to the top of the mountain. Then you will find one of the most interesting and memorable descents along the marked trail of the national park. We finish in the parking area.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is an amazing place: a real untouched forest where cars are forbidden, and animals can often be found on the trails. Huge relict trees at the beginning will remind Switzerland or New Zealand, and the second part of the route - alpine, without trees - will be remembered for its stunning views.

After the route we will relax at a cozy restaurant in the center of Borjomi in order to regain strength with delicious Georgian khinkali. We will be in Tbilisi around 20:00 - 21:00.

Distance: 35 km
Ascent: 1500 m
Descent: 1500 m


Active Person
A newcomer not familiar with a mountain bike world. This is an ideal way for you to gradually get involved in the exciting world of MTB and, perhaps, we will be the first to pull you into it.
A person who regularly rides any bike, but has not tried himself a bit further than the asphalt roads and paths in the city park.
Pro Rider
There are descents and climbs of your strength too.
Anton Rumyantsev
Professional MTB rider, guide
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide — a Russian downhill champion (amateur category), silver winner of the 24-hour Austrian Downhill race, bronze winner of the first stage of the Russian Downhill Cup, a multiple participant and winner of international downhill and enduro competitions.
The price includes e-bike and helmet rental, daily transfer from Tbilisi and back, services of an experienced MTB guide
price per person, if the group has 3 or more people
price per person, if the group has 2 people
price per person, if the group has 1 person
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