Tbilisi and surroundings
Daily start of the tour - 10.00
Duration - 5 hours a day
251 USD with a 20% discount
up to 3 people
A three-day e-bike tour is a great opportunity to get to know the city of Tbilisi and spend some time actively, ride professional mountain e-bikes and enjoy the sunny weather.


Amateur cyclists
Basic bike skills are enough to participate in this program.
Adventure lovers
It's great to combine a guided tour with the opportunity to get acquainted with electric bicycles.
Tbilisi visitors
Use the indisputable advantage of the electric bike - its motor - to see Tbilisi in 3 days


Day 1 (trail riding). Lisi lake and Mtatsminda mountain.
Lake Lisi is a cozy natural place where Tbilisi residents enjoy a leisurely run or ride bicycles. Here every visitor will find entertainment for the soul. Views and developed infrastructure are ideal for this. Lisi is surrounded by a concrete pedestrian-bicycle path with different landscape zones around. The place is very pleasant for walking and riding at any time of the year.

Around the lake there are hills with a beautiful view of the city and surroundings. After making a circle along the lake, we will begin a leisurely uphill towards the village of Tsodoreti. At the top of the ridge that separates Tsodoreti from Digomi village, about 1000 meters above sea level, we start an 8-kilometer descent back. The route is considered to be finished after a group photo and a cup of delicious coffee on the waterfront :)

Then we move to Mtatsminda mountain. Mtatsminda mountain is located in the center of Tbilisi, and Mtatsminda translates from Georgian as "holy mountain". One of the most popular tourist places in the city is a kind of symbol of the capital of Georgia. On the mountain there is an entertainment park with a view point and one of the best views on Tbilisi. The TV tower at the top can be seen from almost any part of Tbilisi. On the Northern side of the mountain there is Turtle lake and Tbilisi ethnographic Museum.

On Mtatsminda there are several interesting trails and routes that are perfect for mountain biking. Different in complexity, but all with a wonderful view of the old town. Going up to the Turtle lake, we will make a small circle on top, ride almost to the TV tower and go down to Rustavelli street. It is possible to make 3-4 runs at absolutely different trails coming to different parts of the city.
Day 2 (with elements of the trail). Korogli fortress.
This bike tour takes place on the territory of Algeti National Park. From Tbilisi we will drive to Kiketi village, where we will descend to Kabeni Monastery, located in the upper reaches of the gorge of river Asuretis-tskhali, by the ancient path of the monks. In the small church, which stands almost in the center of the ruins of the monastery, there are several surviving inscriptions near the altar window. The meaning of the two inscriptions is difficult to establish, and from the third it follows that the sons of a certain George completed the construction of the church during the reign of Tamara. Therefore, this temple is dated fairly accurately. Kabensky temple is one of the outstanding works of Georgian architecture from the first half of the 13th century.

Further, our path leads to the church of forty great martyrs (founded in the 16th century). There begins the ascent to the medieval fortress Korogli aka Agarani and Kodzhris-tsikhe. The fortress is located on Azeula mountain with a panoramic view of the entire Trialeti Range. We'll finish the route in Tbilisi in the Vake Park area, where more than 10-kilometer descent from the old Ujo Church will take us.
Day 3 (trails and roads). Around Mtskheta.
Mtskheta is the ancient capital of the Iberian Kingdom, founded in the 5th century BC. It was the capital of Georgia for about 700 years! The saturation of the territories around the city with historical objects, monasteries, ancient fortresses and other unique buildings is connected with this.

During the tour we will visit the ruins of the fortified residences of the Armaz fortress (Armaztsikhe), Bebristsikhe (the Elder's Fortress), burial grounds, as well as the complex of Samtavro monastery (the main temple of the 11th century) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. The oldest monastery church in the country, Jvari (VI century), Olginsky monastery, Kaluban church of St. George and other secret places :) The cultural monuments of the region belong to the world heritage and are protected by UNESCO.

The track is long and intense, there will be both trails and roads.
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Anton Rumyantsev
Professional MTB rider, guide
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide — a Russian downhill champion (amateur category), silver winner of the 24-hour Austrian Downhill race, bronze winner of the first stage of the Russian Downhill Cup.

251 USD

with a 20% discount

Rent of electric bike and helmet
3 days of e-bikes riding. Ascent per day is about 1200 - 1500 m.
Guide services
The group is accompanied by an experienced rider and guide.
Daily transfer
Shuttle to the mountains and meeting after some routes is included.
Airport transfer
The group is met at the airport and taken to the hotel, at the end of the tour - delivered back to the airport.
We are waiting for everyone to combine leisure with pleasure - discover Georgia and ride an electric bike.
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